Property Lawyers

Property LawyersOur team of expert Auckland property lawyers and conveyancing solicitors are experts in buying and selling property, conveyancing, residential and commercial property law, leasing and financing.  Whether it’s the family home, investment property, a subdivision or commercial property, we’ll help take the risk out of the transaction by ensuring your interests are protected during the process.  Let our team of property solicitors manage the legal paperwork and advise you on any concerns or pitfalls we uncover.  And if you're at the exciting stage of looking at buying land, and/or building (or renovating) - we can help ensure that the process of building your dream home is stress free.

Our aim is to make the process as smooth as possible for you so that the acquisition reaches a positive outcome and you can enjoy the benefits of owning the property now and in the future.

We regularly act for clients all over the country, and those based internationally. Along with face-to-face meetings, we are fully equipped to utilise video conferencing with clients- offering Skype, Facetime and Facebook Messenger Video Conferencing meetings.

Check out our dedicated pages if you're looking for more information on commercial property or retirement village contracts 


Conveyancing Lawyers

Conveyancing LawyerOur team of conveyancing lawyers know that there is more to buying and selling property than just the process of conveyancing. Every day our expert team of conveyancing lawyers help first home buyers, experienced buyers and skilled investors buy and sell units, apartments, houses and land.

Whether you’re buying land, a house, unit or apartment (or even building), our expert team of conveyancing lawyers will guide you through the process and ensure that your interests are protected.

We pride ourselves on being thorough and diligent – things can go wrong in property transactions if attention is not paid to the details – we are here to help your property sale or purchase go smoothly and be stress free.

If you are buying or selling a unit or apartment, our conveyancing lawyers are skilled in dealing with the sale and purchase of unit title properties and the additional disclosure requirements. 

Talk to our conveyancing lawyers today for help with: 

  • Residential Property Conveyancing
  • Pre-Unconditional due diligence check - $350 +GST & disbursements LEARN MORE*
  • Pre-auction due diligence check - $350 +GST & disbursements LEARN MORE*
  • Reviewing and explaining the Agreement for Sale & Purchase
  • Reviewing and explaining the Terms & Conditions of Auction
  • Advice on amendments or additional clauses required
  • Assistance with Due Diligence including LIM Report reviews
  • Title Reviews
  • Checking for any planning issues or possible restrictive covenants and easements
  • Loan & finance documents
  • Kiwisaver, Family Loans and Family Gifts
  • Advice on ownership structures
  • Relationship property agreements
  • Settlement and registration

First Home Buyers

Our residential property lawyers are skilled at guiding first home buyers through the purchase of your first home. There are a multitude of factors to consider, and processes that you need to understand – and things can go wrong, and deals can fall over if you don’t understand these at the outset.

We identify first home buyers at the beginning of our relationship with you – and we will answer all your questions and provide extra support throughout the process for no extra cost.

We can help you understand the different aspects of financing your first home purchase – from gifts from parents, loans from parents, parents as guarantors, KiwiSaver withdrawals, HomeStart Grants, mortgages – and whether you need a Contracting Out Agreement or Property Sharing Agreement to protect you (or your parents’) financial contributions.

We will make sure you understand the type of property you are buying – fee simple, unit title, strata title and the implications. We’ll explain the property title and any restrictions attached – covenants, easements etc. We will explain the LIM report and what the implications are.

If you get us involved early in the transaction we can review the documentation BEFORE you buy – we provide a pre-purchase review and a pre-auction review, providing advice on conditions that should be added or red flags we have identified so that there are no nasty surprises after you sign on the dotted line.

We will keep you informed throughout the process, and remind you when legal requirements are due.

Contact one of our friendly team today for help with:  

  • Reviewing the Agreement for Sale & Purchase
  • Reviewing the Terms & Conditions of Auction
  • Conveyancing
  • Property Sharing agreements & Contracting Out agreements
  • KiwiSaver Withdrawals & HomeStart Grants
  • Loans & gifts from parents/relatives
  • Mortgage documentation

Land Purchase Lawyers

Our Land Purchase Lawyers can help you ensure that the land you a buying is suitable for your intended purpose, catch any fishhooks included in the contract or development and ensure that your interests are protected.

If you are looking to buy vacant land, whether for the purpose of land banking, for property development or to build your dream home or bach – there are a variety of factors you need to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Our land purchase lawyers are experienced with all types of land purchases - buying sections in finished subdivisions, buying “off the plans” in subdivision developments, buying farms, buying commercially zoned land or land for development. We can help you understand the factors you need to consider before signing on the dotted line.

Our Land Purchase Lawyers will explain all the factors you need to understand in plain language you can understand – from the LIM reports, to the property titles, to the development plans.

If you are looking to build your first home on the land, we can also help you with KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grant documentation.

Buying vacant land involves thinking about the future use – so that you don’t end up with unexpected headaches down the line. If you are buying land, make sure your lawyer is experienced in your particular type of purchase so they can give you the right advice.

Call our property law team today to get help with:  

  • Purchasing existing vacant sections
  • Purchasing sections “off the plans” in a new development
  • Purchasing farms
  • Purchasing land for residential development (subdivision)
  • Purchasing land for commercial development

Building Lawyers

Our experienced building lawyers can help you review your building contract. Building LawyerWhether you are purchasing a house and land package, building from scratch or renovating an existing property you need an experienced building lawyer to review the contract and make sure that you not only understand the provisions that have been included, but also that there are clauses and provisions that protect you and that your finance documentation from your bank or lender matches up with your building contract.

We regularly renegotiate building contracts with small builders and all the major building companies to make sure that your investment is protected, adding in clauses that can prevent some of the stress and escalating costs that building can involve.

Our team of building law specialists know what to look for, what needs to be added and are skilled at negotiating those changes for your benefit. We’ve all heard nightmare stories of building projects gone wrong. We will explain all the terms and conditions in language you can understand and help ensure that your build is the dream you want it to be.

Our building lawyers can help you today with: 

  • House and land packages
  • New Build Building contracts
  • Renovation Building contracts
  • Commercial Building Contracts
  • Finance/ Mortgages for building
  • Construction Disputes 

Subdivision Lawyers

  • Structure for investments or developments
  • Financing
  • Due diligence
  • Interface between surveyor, council and land titles office
  • Resource consents
  • Survey plans
  • Surveyor liaison
  • Consent documents (easements, covenants)

Mortgage & Refinance Lawyers

Our Mortgage & Refinance Lawyers can help you with financing your property today. Whether you are a first home buyer or an experienced property purchaser, we can help make sure the finance side of your property purchase is smooth and stress free.

We are skilled in assisting with gifts and loans from family members (and helping ensure their gift or loan is protected from future relationship property claims), and processing property transactions involving KiwiSaver and HomeStart Grants.

Our team can also provide you with advice on how to limit your liability when you are being asked to be a “guarantor” for loan.

If you’re looking to refinance your mortgage and change banks, we can swiftly and efficiently help you with that process. We also provide a short turnaround service for refinancing that needs to be competed urgently.

Our Property finance Lawyers are also particularly skilled at finance for building contracts.

We can also refer you to skilled mortgage brokers if you need assistance in this area.

Talk to our skilled Mortgage & Refinance Lawyers for help with:  

  • Review of loan documents
  • Discharge of existing mortgage
  • Assist in obtaining finance – direct access/relationships with banks and lenders
  • Referrals to mortgage brokers where needed
  • Reviewing guarantor documentation
  • Refinancing (including urgent refinancing)
  • Drafting loan agreements for inter-family loans
  • Advising on property sharing and relationship property agreements to protect gifts from family
  • Advising on property sharing and relationship property agreements to protect individual contributions


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