Rosebank Road Business Association

Rosebank Road Business Association

Smith and Partners are proud to support the Rosebank Road Business Association as platinum sponsors. 

As specialist advisors to small and medium sized businesses, we offer all RBA members special offers to help grow and protect your business.  Simply mention that you are a member of the RBA when you enquire and you can access these great deals.

Bullying & Harassment Policy - $450 + GST (normally $750 + GST)
There is increasing liability on employers to protect employees from bullying and harassment – including from other employees.

As a special offer for RBA members, one of our experienced employment lawyers will draft a Bullying & Harassment policy tailored to your business.

Having a bullying and harassment policy in place: 

  • Sets out expectations for your employees
  • You can use it as the basis for any disciplinary action against an employee who is acting contrary to the policy
  • In the event of a personal grievance claim by en employee, having the policy in place will show you have been a reasonable employer with measures in place to protect staff from bullying.


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Terms of Trade Review - $295 + GST (normally $450 + GST)
Terms of Trade that reflect the way you and your customers do business are key to ensuring positive cash flow and to ensure you have effective remedies available to recover money owed. 

As a special offer for RBA members, one of our experienced commercial lawyers will review your current Terms of Trade and make recommendations on how to improve your Terms of Trade in line with current business practice.

The possible consequences of not having effective terms of trade are:

  • No enforceable consequences for late payment
  • No ability to charge interest for late payment
  • No ability to recover goods provided on credit
  • No ability to mortgage debtor’s property to ensure payment
  • May not comply with or make best use of the Personal Property Securities Act 1999 (“Act”)
  • No personal guarantee provided
  • No ability to recover the debt recovery costs – debt collection agency and/or legal fees
  • Unclear dispute resolution processes 


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