Auckland unitary plan approved by council


On Tuesday 10 September Auckland Council agreed on the proposed unitary plan. From here it goes to a notification period and a formal submission period begins on 30 September 2013.

Auckland Mayor, Len Brown, said that “with a proposed unitary plan in place, we can now get on with the actions agreed in the housing accord – unlocking new land for development and fast tracking the build of more affordable homes in Auckland”. 

The housing accord is an agreement entered into between the council and Government which allows for a streamlined consenting process for up to 39,000 new homes or sections within the Auckland region over the next three year period. However, it does rely on the notified unitary plan to take effect.

As a result of the decision to move forward with the unitary plan, applications for streamline consents for housing developments in special housing areas can be made as of 1 October 2013. The unitary plan attempts to create a balance of traditional suburban living and growing intensification and expansion into the rural areas.

The next stage in the process is the formal submissions phase, which commences on 30 September. This process is governed and set out by the Resource Management Act and allows 90 days for Aucklanders to make submissions. Following this further submissions and a hearing process will take place over approximately three years.

The plan includes amendments to the maps, policies and rules based on the feedback of almost 22,000 Aucklanders and the various decisions made by Auckland Counsellors on what changes would be included.

From 30 September 2013, the proposed plan will be available online at as well as in hardcopy in public libraries.

As there is only 90 days to make submissions, all businesses and landowners should carefully assess whether they should make submissions and seek further advice.

For assistance to understand how the unitary plan changes affect your and your property, and for advice on how to make a submission, contact Wade Hansen by phone on 09 837 6885 or email