Auckland’s new unitary plan – Understand its effects on you and your property


Anyone who owns or is looking to buy property in Auckland should be closely following the Auckland Councils’ proposed Unitary Plan.

As part of the development of the super-city, the Auckland Council is required to create a Unitary Plan amalgamating the 12 existing district and regional plans.  The Unitary Plan will govern all aspects of what you can and can’t do with your property. It is intended to simplify the planning process by providing greater consistency in the rules and regulations and will be the master plan setting out the development strategy for the Auckland region.

The Council has been in the process of drafting a unitary plan since the new Auckland Council was formed, and the first draft was released on March 15.  

There are likely to be significant differences between what you can do now and what you will be able to do once the new unitary plan is implemented. They could affect your land value, or your ability to develop, or more importantly, the nature of the area that you live in.   

The Council has indicated that they will accept written submissions on the draft plan up until May 2013. Based on this feedback the Council will develop a proposed unitary plan with the intention to release it for public notification and formal consultation in September 2013.

If you need assistance to review and make submissions on aspects of the draft plan that affect you, please contact Wade Hansen
by phone on 09 837 6885 or email