Taking the right steps towards family dispute resolution


 The NZ government recently developed a larger support system for resolving care of children disputes, which involves minimal legal/court intervention. If you’ve found yourself in a dispute regarding the care of your children and unsure how to navigate the new system, follow this flow chart to understand the next steps. If you’re not in dispute but still need an informal agreement in place, Ellen Harbidge can explain what to do next.

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Are you in dispute with your child's other guardian and need assistance with Family Dispute Resolution?

If you would like to become a client of Smith and Partners and get help with your guardianship issue, please contact Family LawyerEllen Harbidge on 09 837 6890 or email ellen.harbidge@smithpartners.co.nz to set up an appointment to discuss your child custody matter.

We will require a retainer to be paid prior to your first meeting, and we cannot assist with legal aid matters.

Please note that In accordance with our obligations under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006, we cannot provide legal advice unless you have become a client of Smith and Partners and have received our Terms & Conditions of Engagement and Info for Clients.



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