New Employment Obligations In The Employment Standards Legislation Bill


A new Bill dealing with zero hour contracts, extending parental leave and setting greater employer obligations has now passed its third reading in Parliament and comes into force on 1 April 2016.

The changes to employment law by the Employment Standards Legislation Bill effect both employers and employees. They include:

Extending paid parental leave to provide wider coverage and more flexibility. The update provides the following:

• Extending parental leave payments to non-standard workers and those who have recently changed jobs;
• Extending entitlements to a wider group of carers rather than just biological and formal adoptive parents;
• Increased flexibility in how unpaid parental leave is taken;
• Introducing “Keeping in Touch” hours in the paid leave period;
• Extending unpaid leave to workers who have been with their employers for more than six months, but less than twelve months; and
• Allowing workers to resign and still receive payments.

Strengthening enforcement of employment standards including:

• Tougher sanctions;
• Clearer record keeping requirements;
• Increased tools for labour inspectors; and
• Increased access to the Employment Relations Authority or Court, rather than automatic mediation.

Addressing zero hour contracts and other “unfair practices”.

• Where an employer and an employee agree to a set number of hours, these must be recorded in the employment agreement.

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