New Easter Sunday Shop Trading – What You Need To Know


The Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 has been amended so that each individual Council can now decide whether or not retailers in their Districts can open on Easter Sunday.

Easter Trading LawsThe key changes to the law are:

• Councils can introduce local policies for Easter Sunday shop trading either for their entire district or for limited areas. The Council must consult with the community by using a special  procedure set down in the amendment. These local policies cannot override other laws, for example opening hours or liquor licensing.

• Shop workers have the right to refuse to work on Easter Sunday. Given Easter Sunday is of huge significance to a lot of New Zealanders, some people would rather not work on Easter Sunday. As such, under the new legislation, all shop employees are able to refuse to work on Easter Sunday without repercussions for their employment relationship. There are specific requirements placed on both employers and employees for either asking an employee whether or not they wish to work on Easter Sunday and refusing to work on Easter Sunday.

Understanding the Holidays Act in New Zealand

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