Manage your risk with our commercial property management software


Smith and Partners utilise commercial property management software Nomos One to assist us and our clients with the compliance and management of Commercial Property.

The essence of Nomos One is that it stores all your lease documentation online and automatically reminds all parties when important events such as rent reviews, lease renewals etc are due.

Landlord-friendly lease documentation
We now offer commercial property owners new and improved lease documentation designed to be more landlord-centric, creating greater protection and certainty for your investment. This documentation was developed in conjunction with the Property Council of New Zealand and has been reviewed by a panel of 16 top lawyers, including Smith and Partner’s founding partner, Peter Smith.

The lease documentation is easier to amend, enabling us to ensure each lease is specific to the property owner’s needs.

The new documentation also allows photographs to be added throughout the lease to better record “current condition”.

Centralised lease documentation
Centralising your lease documentation means you have easy access to all documents – leases, rent reviews, variations anywhere, anytime. No more lost documents, no more worries about tracking down originals.

Centralised documentation also reduces your risk by ensuring an accurate record of everything that has happened with that tenant/property. i.e. variations, renewals and rent reviews.

Multiple User Access
Commercial property owners can allow access to as many users as you need to – including your accountant, property managers and you and any relevant staff.

Event Reminders
How often do you miss a rent review or attend to the rent review many months, sometimes years later? Have you ever discovered the lease has expired? How do you keep on top of rent reviews and renewals?

With Nomos One you will be sent an email reminder when rent reviews and renewals are due. You can also set up other specific reminders such as insurance renewals or Warrant Of Fitness dates.

What is the cost?
We offer our clients free access and use of this software to assist them in the management of their Commercial Property. We have absorbed the cost for the benefit of our clients.

Therefore there is:
• No set up costs;
• No ongoing costs;
• No increased cost;

We simply receive the benefit through happier clients and a much more efficient way of managing lease documentation for our clients.

We help to provide a safety net to ensure you are compliant with your obligations as a Landlord.



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