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Latest Articles
14/12/2015 |
A patent is a right that is granted to prevent others from using your invention. This relates to a new product or a process; it could be the material it...
10/12/2015 |
Buying at auction is quite different from other ways of purchasing residential property. As soon as you have purchased at auction the agreement becomes legally binding and is unconditional. You...
03/12/2015 |
For many family trusts, their only asset is the family home. These Trusts were set up as part of the estate plan that protected the home for future generations of...
19/11/2015 |
Smith and Partners utilise commercial property management software Nomos One to assist us and our clients with the compliance and management of Commercial Property.The essence of Nomos One is that...
18/11/2015 |
If you have been left an inheritance in the will of a deceased person, you are considered to be a beneficiary of the estate. But what happens now? How do...

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