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Latest Articles
31/05/2012 |
It is increasingly common for client to report that they didn’t try to protect themselves from the equal sharing provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 because they had heard...
28/05/2012 |
 Buying a business is a big decision that will have a significant impact on your personal and financial life for years to come.  There are complexities to understand when buying...
23/05/2012 |
If you are the landlord of a commercial property, and your tenant is selling its business, you may want to know what say you have as to who the new...
16/04/2012 |
A title is in effect the ownership paper for your property.  A title is also referred to as a “Unique Identifier” or “CT” (Certificate of Title).   The title records: the legal...
16/04/2012 |
Fee simple is often referred to as “an estate in fee simple” or “freehold”. (Freehold not to be confused with having no mortgage).  A fee simple title is considered to...

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