Renee Wells - Green Bay High School

What Makes West Auckland Great

West Auckland is paradise!

It’s an endless canvas of infinite crystal blue sky, meets carolling birds perched atop clouds of green, which return year after year. A bustling and jumble of a different kind, exchanging smiles, good mornings, and laughter. Memorized coffee orders accompanied by chatter and hugs, yapping dogs with tails excitedly wagging for the walk they know so well. Warm air sets workers afoot, leaving cars and busses an unpopular choice. A walk which they will happily make day after day.

The deep crunch of gravel, the canopy of Rimu, Kauri, and Tawa which soars into the sky, allowing streams of azure and bright sunlight to shine through, the trickling of blue satin threaded with silver, forming a pool of chilly bliss, together the Thrush, Tui, Finch and Sparrow sing in a deafening harmony. They sing together, as does our community.

Fierce warm winds swirl around, hot jet-black sand ripples and glistens, the rhythmic percussion of waves grabs at the sand, sucking it into its endless turquoise magic. The dizzy sun fights against the whitened bodies which lay sprawled along the sands surface. On a wet day, an array of innocent colours line the sky. A rainbow, which represents us a whole.

West Auckland is community!

Community gives us a sense of support, belonging, need and balance. It brings us friendships, opportunity and activity. The West Auckland community is particularly outstanding. It is one where we are all connected and included, which brings us safety and trust. It makes us feel as though we are a part of something bigger, which benefits everyone as whole, not just ourselves. Community is a selfless act of love, and West Auckland is just that.

West Auckland is diverse!

It is our unique sense of diversity, something that makes us all different and keeps us true to ourselves, yet unites us as one. It's a rainbow which teaches us to appreciate one another for our contrasts. Through school, work, the street and home we see diversity all around us, and it's something that makes us proud to be a part of this melting pot that is West Auckland.

West Auckland is loyalty!

It’s not our need to stay, but our desire. West Auckland to us is not just where we live, but it’s where our roots lie. For some of us we’ve been here since birth, and for others we’ve migrated at some point during our lives. We are not bound to stay but we choose to. West Auckland community is like no other, we are connected to each other, to the land, and to the buildings. Our house hunting never ventures farther than the ‘Western Leader’ and any newcomers to our community are welcomed with open arms. The sense of loyalty we have to West Auckland, and what we have built, keeps our community strong and helps to support local businesses, local schools, and our local market.

So why is West Auckland great? It all begins with community, diversity, and loyalty.

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