Levi Farrell - Kelston Boys' High School - What makes West Auckland Great 2016

What Makes West Auckland Great?

‘West is Best.’ This is a popular saying through Auckland which of course was not composed for no reason. West Auckland is a great community that my family and I have been living in for the past 9 years. Moving here as a primary school student from a smaller town, I was surprised by the size of Auckland at first. However the family fuelled atmosphere and healthy environment made it feel like home within a few days.

West Auckland is literally a place for everyone and anyone. The diversity within the community is huge, not to mention the friendly and warm personalities of each culture. Maori, Pacific Island, Asian, Middle Eastern, Caucasian and many more worldwide ethnicities are found and accepted into the community which creates a multi-cultural and great place to live or visit. You could be forgiven if you were to say its like travelling the world. Another reason as to what makes West Auckland great is the education facilities. Schools in West Auckland provide students with fun activities, along with the relevant education they need. Whether it be a primary, intermediate or secondary school, students have access to valuable resources such as libraries, homework centres, youth groups and tutorials to help them succeed and obtain a productive and overall beneficial schooling experience in this great community.

Gaining my education through the local schools has been highly beneficial for me in the short term and will continue to assist me in future endeavours. Starting at Glen Eden Primary School, Glen Eden Intermediate, and currently finalising my schooling as a Year 13 student, and the Head Prefect at Kelston Boys’ High School. The education system in majority of New Zealand schools are the same, therefore all schools are equal regardless of the decile count of the area. West Auckland produces highly intelligent students that achieve higher than national averages in NCEA throughout New Zealand, which clearly does indicate that “Wet is Best”. Auckland University is the only university in New Zealand included in the top 100 universities in the world with over 30,000 students over six campuses. This does not only prove that West Auckland is great, but Auckland as a whole. This humble community also offers to aspiring Maori students with Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa, Wharekura and Wananaga. All in all, it’s a place for all.

But what draws others closer to West Auckland, even more so than its majestic sceneries or its facilities is its inequitably close-knit sense of community. Differences in race and backgrounds no longer divide one from another. Locals are tied together with one shared culture that is seen as outgoing, relaxed, and ultimately unique. The cultural diversity displayed by the West is rarely exhibited in many other communities, creating a vibrant and colourful atmosphere like none other. Town centres display many ethnic groups from the humble family-owned dairy, to the international night markets, to the iconic landmarks throughout the community. It is the harmonious paradox and the spirit of oneness established by the wide spectrum of differences in heritage that makes West Auckland a friendly, pleasant, and highly recommended place to be.

Personally, I have received many life changing opportunities while living in West Auckland. I recently participated in the 2016 Youth Parliament after being elected Youth MP for the Kelston Electorate in West Auckland. My MP, Carmel Sepuloni, inspired and encouraged me to give back my services to this wonderful community working towards making it better, if that is even somewhat possible. The opportunities in West Auckland are countless not only for youth, but anyone of that matter from looking for a job or finding a fine home for you and your family.

Undoubtedly, West Auckland is the finer and overall greater quarter of Auckland’s large sector, offering a perfect balance of vibrant, natural and cultural features. The community itself has maintained an honourable and respectable reputation for decades. I feel that the potential of our community, in every aspect, has been recognized and acknowledged. Although we have faced our own struggle, trials and obstacles, they do not define our community. However, the way in which we conduct ourselves and rebuild one another throughout hardships, is what truly defines our family, our community, our lifestyle and most of all, is what truly defines West Auckland.

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