Bronwen Lamb - Avondale College

What Makes West Auckland Great?

I've lived in West Auckland for 5 years now and I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

When my family moved here from the UK, it was the only place on our radar as far as house-hunting was concerned because of its unique beauty, cultural diversity, friendly nature and its closeness to the hustle and bustle of city yet still being largely in the countryside. We quickly realized that we wouldn’t settle for anything else.

Living in the Waitakeres, I wake up every morning to the sound of kererus, tuis and fantails, and I’m surrounded by rimu and kauri trees and get to see the sunrise over Manukau Harbour. I go to school, where I mix with some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, who are all Westies themselves. I’ve made lifelong friends as a result of living in West Auckland, and we have the ability to hanging out in so many different places because of the ever-changing landscape. The schools I’ve attended in the area have also been second-to-none, meaning I have no complaints about living where I do.

The sense of community in this part of Auckland is extraordinary, and whenever I’ve met a fellow Westie on my travels there’s an instant bond created which I feel is quite unique. Everyone is just so cheerful and kind to one another, and we all share a love of the outdoors and an appreciation of nature, meaning that conversation is never hard to find.

West Auckland has the luxury of being part of New Zealand’s largest city as well as having world-famous beaches and breathtaking regional parks, making it one of the most diverse areas in the country, and perhaps even the world. As a result, I have the luxury of being able to study in the city, yet live in an area surrounded by greenery, all because of the close proximity of everything.

My entire family is beyond happy here, as the area provides something for all of our interests – a variety of bird life for Dad, unique geology for Mum, surfing for my brother, and a great cafe-culture which suits me perfectly. Out of all of the people from overseas who’ve visited us here in West Auckland, not one of them has failed to mention how much they themselves love the area, and how if they were to ever move to New Zealand, this would be the place for them.

I’ve always been happy living in West Auckland – it quickly became my home when we first moved here and I know that it will remain being so for the rest of my life. Even if I were to move around a bit, I know this is a place I can always come back to and feel as if I belong, and that is why West Auckland is great.

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